• 30 years

      For more than 30 years, MBTP designs, implements and operates projects in the construction industry.

    • 1000 employed

      The MBTP group brought together all the skills in the construction field. A qualified workforce of different nationalities.

  • Covering the construction activities in many feeds such:
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      who we are

      The strength of MBTP lies in the breadth of its expertise and its ability to carry on projects from design to implementation, or to renovate and modernize old buildings. One of the assets of this multinational company is the diversification of its services, including the leasing of equipment for construction sites, as well as its two concrete plants located in the two bases: Brazzaville (5 hectares) and Pointe-Noire (8 hectares).


      MBTP builds residential and administrative facilities, high standing residential villas, and contributes to the projects for roads, airports and sanitary infrastructures.

      Each year, hundreds of projects are carried out across the Congo and across borders.

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      Our values

      MBTP's success result from its values (trust, ambition, respect and innovation).

      Deliver construction projects on time with a commitment of precision, quality and with a great concern for the health and safety of its workers, while respecting the pre-established objectives at the beginning of the mandate. MBTP is permanently involved in the quality management system integrated in the HSE (Hygiene, Safety and Environment) policy and is part of an ISO 9001 certification process.

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      Our mission

      For common or complex projects, MBTP guarantees quality of execution and respect of costs and deadlines. Indeed, developing a bond of trust with its customers by responding to theirrequests is a priority at MBTP. Every effort is made to ensure high quality service, keep up with the latest trends, and place energy performance and respect for the environment at the forefront of construction projects.