MBTP has two concrete plants in its two bases. Each month, the company produces nearly 4000 cubic meters of concrete in both Brazzaville and Pointe Noire. Production that keeps pace with its projects on the Congolese territory. The production formulas offered by MBTP are strictly identical in the two plants and are therefore perfectly compatible.

Offering foam concrete, colored concrete, etc. MBTP has an exceptional capacity to manufacture all types of concrete required by its customers with a compressive strength of up to 110 MPa. 

ISO Certified and compliant with the US Embassy standards. MBTP concrete is also considered to have the best quality throughout Congo.

As per transport, deliveries are ensured by a fleet of 17 easily recognizable mixing trucks, owned by the company, with capacities of 9m³.

MBTP also has 4 concrete pumps.

Our mixing trucks with on-board pump are also available to companies wishing to rent them for their hard-to-reach sites.